What is hypnosis?


Hypnosis is a relaxed state of mind that you experience every day. In the moments you lose track of time, get in the zone, or don't realize how you just drove to work. These are all states of hypnosis. 

Can you make me say or do things in HYPNOSIS?

In hypnosis, you are always in control. Your subconscious mind will only allow you to say or do things you truly want to do. You are aware of what is going on around you during your hypnosis session. At any point in time, you can bring yourself out of hypnosis. Although more often than not, individuals do not want to come out of hypnosis because they like the feeling of deep relaxation. 

What issues can hypnosis help?

Hypnosis can help you change habits you desire to change in your life. Common issues hypnosis is used for include phobias, stress reduction, anxiety, self-esteem strengthening, weight loss, stop smoking, and sexual problems.