Where do I even start. It's hard to make the decision to allow yourself to be vulnerable in a situation with a stranger. Discussing your biggest fears and insecurities. Your life pains. The heart aches that effect your life on a daily basis.  It was not hard with Tamara. Not even a tiny bit.  After seeing her previous reviews on yelp I took a chance. Best decision ever.   Without going into detail, I want to say that these sessions have made all of the therapy I've been through previously, a waste of time.   I leave her office feeling filled with hope and love in my heart. When I was in therapy, I left feeling open and abandoned. This is not therapy. It's much better than therapy.   Tamara has changed my life. I highly recommend her to anybody who needs a safe place to work on themselves. Thank you times a million Tamara. Be prepared! I'm sending all of my friends and family to see you!!!

Lucy - San Diego, CA


After seeing Tamara's video, How Powerful is Your Mind? I decided to schedule a session.  I have been feeling very busy lately and knew I would benefit from a little more being and a little less doing.  After setting my appointment I told some friends I was going to see a hypnotist and the questions came a raining down! I am so glad I trusted my gut and had this appointment.  From the very beginning Tamara did a great job of hearing my concerns and helping me feel relaxed and understood.  The technique she chose worked well for me in a way I admit I didn't believe was possible.  After the session I was relaxed and I am already able to use a technique that I find very valuable.

James B. - San Diego, CA

Tamara did such deep work in such a short time. I'm really optimistic about the effects.
She was able to help with physical feelings--like jaw pain from clenching --and to work on releasing fears and anxieties.  Her work on focusing on a future feeling of success left me feeling anything was possible.
I can't wait to refer my patients and family members to Tamara and Happiness Now. Her calm professionalism combined with her astute intuition and healing worked wonders.

Jennifer M. - San Diego, CA

It’s apparent that Tamara is dedicated to the work of helping people. She is knowledgeable, accessible, practical, compassionate and extremely helpful. Tamara is simply amazing and holds such love space when working with you. She did an amazing job helping me improve my resume and has guided me through the right path as I begin my professional career. She is a gift. Thank you for everything you did for me and continue to do for others.

Jocelyn A. - San Diego, CA

I have used hypnotherapy in the past to help alleviate my anxiety disorder with success. I fell back into the dark space and began to have issues again as of recently. I found Tamara via Yelp and I am very thankful that I did. 
Right off the bat, I felt anxious and uneasy but Tamara's kindness, understanding and techniques really put me at ease. Right away we started working. Tamara gave me exercises I could use to help combat anxiety and during the last part of the session I completed hypnotherapy. When walking back to my car, I felt like the happiness I couldn't find for so long was starting to peak through the fog. 
I have 4 more sessions and I am excited to see what results it will bring. Thank you again, Tamara.

Alex S. - San Diego, CA

Tamara truly has a special gift and talent for leading a hypnotherapy session. I've worked with many hypnotherapists in the past, but Tamara has impressed me with her ability to think quickly of the most appropriate intervention during a session. Her passion for this craft enhances her skillfulness and makes her a true pleasure to work with. She helped rid me of a lifelong phobia in about ten minutes! I highly recommend trying a hypnotherapy session with Tamara.

Peggy K. - Brooklyn, NY

I didn't really think I could be hypnotized, but Tamara put me right at ease and answered all my questions about hypnosis. She assured me I would be in control at all times and her job was like more of a guide. She helped me work through some issues I'd had since middle school, and I left feeling more relaxed than I had been in a long time. She was very professional and caring, and I felt she tailored the session to the goals I wanted to accomplish. I will definitely keep seeing her, and I'd recommend her to anyone!

Melissa T. - Lakeville, MN

I had the pleasure of receiving a hypnotherapy session from Tamara at a conference we were both attending, where I watched her quickly adopt a new technique she experienced, and skillfully apply it for me soon after. This is the hallmark of a very competent and experienced practitioner.  Her very authentic style is nurturing and relaxed, putting me at ease instantly as the client.  Her skills are impressive and her work as held up on me after even after only the one short session.  
I have also benefited from her excellent business coaching acumen since our original contact.
As a fellow practitioner with a very aligned skill set I have experienced many hypnotists and coaches. 
I highly recommend Tamara for her gracious, skilled, and effective approach.

Rich O. - Gilbert, AZ

I had my first session with Tamara last night and I left feeling so relaxed and positive, which was wonderful. It was also the first hypnotherapy session I'd ever had and Tamara was very supportive - I was skeptical and felt a little vulnerable at the beginning, but Tamara is so kind, well trained and good at explaining the steps, which allowed me to trust the experience and her. I have another session scheduled for tomorrow night! Thank you, Tamara!

Bridget B. - San Diego, CA