Happiness Now helps you transform your life into the one you desire. Would you like more inner peace or to feel a sense of overall satisfaction and gratitude in your life?  Happiness Now helps you to reduce the stress or anxiety in your life, get over fears or phobias, get a better night's sleep, find your dream job, or build your self-worth that may be holding you back. Make a choice to be happy today.

Happiness Now

Safe, Simple, and Effective Integrative Hypnosis

There will always be something going on in your life but that doesn't mean you can't find joy and happiness in the moment. Don't wait to be happy, chose to be happy today!


Does Hypnosis Work?

Check out these mini-sessions to get an idea of what your session may look like when you book an appointment.

Tamara truly has a special gift and talent for leading a hypnotherapy session. I’ve worked with many hypnotherapists in the past, but Tamara has impressed me with her ability to think quickly of the most appropriate intervention during a session. Her passion for this craft enhances her skillfulness and makes her a true pleasure to work with. She helped rid me of a lifelong phobia in about ten minutes! I highly recommend trying a hypnotherapy session with Tamara.
Peggy K.
Brooklyn, NY
I didn’t really think I could be hypnotized, but Tamara put me right at ease and answered all my questions about hypnosis. She assured me I would be in control at all times and her job was like more of a guide. She helped me work through some issues I’d had since middle school, and I left feeling more relaxed than I had been in a long time. She was very professional and caring, and I felt she tailored the session to the goals I wanted to accomplish. I will definitely keep seeing her, and I’d recommend her to anyone!
Melissa T.
San Diego, CA

One-on-one Hypnosis & Coaching

In a 1:1 hypnosis session, in-person (San Diego, CA) or via Skype (worldwide), you and your Clinical Hypnotist will get to the root cause of issues where you desire to make a permanent change


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FAQ of Hypnotherapy

Group Events

You can request a small or large group event for your home, office, or special events. Common topics include stress reduction, self-hypnosis, and relaxation to name a few.

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