What if I can't be HYPNOTIZED?

It is very rare that someone cannot be hypnotized. Some people experience a deeper trance than others but hypnosis is possible for most.

How many sessions will it take?

It depends on the person and what you would like to change in your life. Some issues may be change in one or two sessions. Other, more ingrained habits, may take several sessions. 

how much does a session cost?

Coaching or clinical hypnosis:

Happiness Now: 10 Session for $100 per session - total $1000 (Save $500)

  • 5 Session package $125 per session - total $625 (Save $125)

  • 3 sessions package $135 per session - total $405 (Save $45)

  • 1 Session $150 per session


Cash or credit card payments accepted
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