Is There Life After Death?

Is this a question you have asked yourself? Once we die do we lay in the box we are buried in or stay in the urn where we are stored? Would you live your life differently if you had the answer to this question?

Grandpa, is there a body here?

Death is something I have had to deal with differently than most people I know. You see, my grandfather (grandpa) was a Funeral Director. Yep, you read right! He drove a hearse, picked up dead bodies,  embalmed, dressed, and put makeup on them.  When I was a child my grandparents’ home had two parts to it. The first part was where my grandparents lived, we celebrated wonderful family holidays, grandma made treats, and we had sleepovers. The second part of the house was where the bodies were processed, stored until the viewing, and funeral services took place. The only thing that separated these two parts of my grandparents’ house was a single wooden door.

When we took trips to grandma’s house one of the first things I would ask is “is there a body here?”. Could you imagine being five years old and wondering if a dead body was at grandma’s house? Not a common phrase most grandchildren ask their grandparents. The telephoning ringing also had a whole new meaning.  In the middle of the night when the phone would ring, it wasn’t a good happy call. It usually meant someone had died and my grandpa would need to drive the hearse into town to pick up a dead body. Now for the loved ones this was a terrible thing, for my grandfather, this meant money was coming in and my grandpa could provide for his family.

I witnessed many funerals at my grandparents’ house that were not that of friends, family, or relatives. For some of my family members, they got used to seeing dead bodies but not me. Each time I saw a dead body, it freaked me out. I always feared they would come back to life and jump out of their coffin. Yikes!

Dead at twenty-three

The first death that profoundly affected me was that of my grandma’s mother. I remember crying so much and couldn’t believe she was gone. I wrote a letter to Santa Clause that year asking him to bring back my great grandma for Christmas. There were a few more family funerals but the next most traumatic funeral was that of my 23-year-old friend Tara who died from a fatal car accident.  When someone as young as Tara dies, it makes you ask some questions. Is there something like “our time to go”? Could her death be prevented? Is there life after death?

Tara’s death rocked my world along with many of her family and friends. She was an amazing person who brought joy everywhere she went. Each year around her birthday in August and the day before Christmas Eve, when she died, she always pops into my mind. I always wonder if she is around me during the times she comes to my mind. Fifteen years or so after Tara’s death, I had a radio show and invited a psychic medium on to my show. Towards the end of the show, I asked the medium if she could connect with Tara. The medium gave some details about her death that I don’t think she would know or could make up without talking to Tara. It felt like she was truly have a conversation directly with Tara as I sat there. I became a believer in life after death that day if I wasn’t one already.

Are mediums real?

Names of mediums you may be familiar with are John Edwards and Sylvia Browne. Over the years I have witnessed and experienced several mediums through radio shows, in-person conferences, and on television. Many of you have probably heard of the Long Island Medium. She helps people heal by communicating with their loved ones who passed away. Many times, it is to let the living family member know their loved ones are okay on “the other side”.

If mediums are real, that means that our loved ones are there but in an energetic form versus a physical form. Their physical body stays in the ground where they were buried or in ash form if they were cremated. That means our loved ones never truly leave us. They are nearby and you can continue to have a connection with them. That doesn't replace the times you spent physically together when they were alive but knowing they are okay will hopefully provide some closure and peace.

You don’t have to be a medium to speak to your loved ones

You don’t have to be a medium to speak to your loved ones; hypnosis can also be used. Using hypnosis you can be guided into a deep relaxation where you can summons your loved one to have a chat. This can be a healing experience and allow you to know your loved ones are always near you.

A message from the other side

After I wrote the first draft of the blog, I was speaking to my aunt on the phone and I mentioned this week's blog topic. We had some good laughs regarding our days at the funeral home. As I sat there and spoke with her, my television switched from Netflix to Pandora and the song Heaven by Bryan Adams began to play. I was shocked and tried to find a reasonable explanation for the song coming on at that time but couldn't find one. I haven't used Pandora on my TV for over a year. After speaking with my aunt about this experience, we both agreed it was a sign from the other side.

What do you think? Do you believe in life after death?

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