I Need a New Job!

In this day and age, it is likely you will need to find a new job due to being unhappy or bored with your current job, being laid off, fired, facing retirement, or moving to another city state. Depending on how long you were with your previous employer and the reason you are no longer there, there can be many emotions you will experience with this transition. Over the past 8+ years I know several people who have been unexpectedly laid off from their job with little to no notice. In the US culture, our jobs can become our identity and when you lose your job, you may feel as though you have lost yourself. Now at first, this may feel terrible and you might be in shock, but I will tell you that in many cases, once the emotions subside, this may be the best thing that happen to you. I’ll tell you why.

1)     You have free time

When is the last time you took one, two, or three weeks in a row off from your job? You can use you new freedom to explore and have some fun. The trick is to treat you first week or two as time off and not let yourself get too overwhelmed with your emotions.  Here are a few ideas to help you enjoy life: play tourist in your hometown, join a local gym, read a book that you’ve had on your book list, or spend some time with your partner or kids.  What are some things you haven’t been able to do working your traditional job? Go to a cafe in the middle of the day or meet a friend you haven’t seen in a while. The options are endless.

2)     Time to get healthy

Are you in optimal mental or physical health? If not, this is a great time to focus on your health. The healthier you are both physically and mentally, the better job candidate your will be. Are there hobbies that have been on the backburner you could get back into that could improve your mental health and make you happier? Are you a runner but haven’t done so in a while? Do you have a coach or therapist that you have not been to in some time? Is it time for a visit? When you first experience your emotions, your family and friends are likely to support you, but after some time, they might get tired of hearing about your struggles. An objective life coach or therapist is a great place to go get some support to help you with your life transition.

3)     Reinvent your life

You have an opportunity to write a new story. What do you want your life to look like? Would you like more work/life balance? More time with your family? Work closer to home? This is an opportunity to develop the life you’ve been longing for.

4)     Have a purpose to get up everyday

As humans we need something to get us out of our beds, if you are no longer employed, what is your new purpose? Some strategies you can put into place include: volunteer, schedule appointment in the morning to get you out of the house (doctors, car maintenance, dentist, etc.), complete household repairs you’ve put off, or take a trip to visit family or friends.

5)     Stay positive

When you are interviewing for jobs, hiring managers want to hire happy people. If you have a negative or depressed demeanor while interviewing, it is likely you will not get chosen to move forward with the interview process. So how do you manage this if you are sad, depressed, or still upset with current situation? Seek help or do activities that make you happy.

If you love to surf, go surfing prior to the interview. If you enjoy gardening or baking, bake something the day or night before your interview. Complete some activities that bring you joy so that same feeling can spill over into your interview.

You will likely experience many emotions through this transition, the key is to not dwell too much on the ones that will keep you stuck and possibly prevent you from moving forward to the next phase of this journey we call life.

Finding a new job can be stressful, but it is also an opportunity to have some free time, do things you love, and recreate yourself. What type of life would you like to create next?

Tamara Small

Happiness Now
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