It Made Me Feel Like I had the Flu!

Two weeks ago, I hurt my back and was in tremendous pain. So much so that I asked my colleagues to call an ambulance because I couldn’t move off the floor without immense pain. To move me, the EMT’s had to give me morphine which I was grateful to have. Sometimes western medicine is necessary and appreciated.  I do, however, think that occasionally western medicine can be more harmful than good. Back in 2012, I broke my leg and had to have surgery to insert a plate on the fractured bone for it to heal correctly. After the surgery, I felt like I had the flu for a week. Merely brushing my teeth took every ounce of energy I had.  I mentioned this feeling and lack of energy to my doctor, and he stated that sometimes Anastasia stays in your body for a few days and it should go away. Nine months later, the plate in my leg was causing problems and needed to be removed.  For this second surgery, I did not want anesthesia and communicated this to the surgeon. He and the anesthesiologist thought I was a little nuts but began to discuss how they could do the surgery without anesthesia. They determined they could do it. They even asked if I’d like to be awake during the operation, but I said no way!

I had the surgery, was asleep the whole time, and didn’t feel a thing. I needed pain medication after the surgery, but I didn’t have the flu-like symptoms that I had with the first surgery. Within four days of the last operation, I was back to taking Reformer Pilates classes and was quickly on the mend. A very different experience from my first surgery. I believe my body does not react well to anesthesia and I will do my best never to have it again.

Many people don’t know there are alternatives to what their doctors understand or share. Today, I will discuss a few alternative healing modalities you might want to try for yourself:



Acupuncture is something I began to embrace over the last few weeks. In San Diego, there is a community acupuncture center where you can have a 1+ hour treatment for $25-$45. Given such low prices, I wanted to give it a try after I hurt my back. Community acupuncture allows the owner to place several lazyboys in a large room and treat several people almost simultaneously. Each person receives a consultation as they sit in the common room and then has their needles placed in the appropriate spots on their body based on their ailment. Next, they lay in the chairs, listen to music, and relax.  10-12 people can sit in the room to receive acupuncture treatment at the same time.

During and after my recent sessions, I felt so calm and relaxed that if that’s all it did for me for the price, it was worth it. So how does it work? The acupuncturist places needles around different points on your body that corresponded with my back issues. When he put a needle in between the knuckles on my right hand, I felt an initial surge of pain.  I said, what was that? The acupuncturist said it was a point attached to your sciatica! WOW! Who knew my knuckles were connected to my sciatic nerve and back?  He continued to touch points around my body to ask if the spots were tender, which were nowhere near my spine. I was shocked when I felt several tender points around my feet, shins, and ankles. Don’t worry, if you have a needle phobia, I can help you get past that!

Once all the needles were placed around my body, I just relaxed and waited for them to do their thing. (Heal my body). Acupuncture can be used for many things, not just healing backs.


Last year, I had a break up from my live-in boyfriend. Although I knew it was best for the relationship to end, it was difficult to let go of the feelings and memories. To help me deal with the emotions, I visited my favorite Reiki healer, which always does the trick.

reiki 2.jpg

During my session, I told the healer what I was dealing with to help her choose the best healing modality. To start, I laid down fully clothed and face up on the massage table.  She then began to move her hands around my body sometimes physically touching me and other times hovering her hands over the problem areas. Just like a massage, she had me flip over to work on my other side. When I first arrived for a session, my spirit and energy were at a level 1 or 2, but when I left, I felt like a 10! (10 being the best) I felt calm and as if a weight had been lifted from me. You’d have to experience it to believe it!

Aroma Therapy/ Essential Oils


I am not going to sit here and tell you I think essential oils are the cure-all, but I do believe there is something to them. I use lavender oil regularly to help reduce stress and to calm myself when I am not feeling great. With specific brands, not all, you can use them on your skin, in your bath, or with a diffuser.  Each essential oil is deemed to have specific healing properties for illness both physical and emotional.

For the past 6+ years, I have worn essential oils versus perfume. It’s much cheaper, and I like the smell better. I have read that smell is our strongest memory. If that is true, how could it not have some healing properties? 

Sat Nam

Now you really might think I am crazy after I tell you about this one! I learned about Sat Nam after a friend of mine recommended I try Kundalini yoga. One particular Sunday, there was a Sat Nam Rasayan class I decided to attend at the yoga studio.  In this lesson, we learned how to use our conscious mind to heal others. When you are the client, you lie down and are in a very nice relaxed, calm state. When you are the healer, you sit next to the client who is lying down. You then feel different sensations coming from the client based on what needs to be healed. You will feel different sensations, but you do not take on the feelings of the client, you stay detached.  This type of healing can happen when you are sitting next to someone or remotely. A few weeks ago, after I left a class, I stopped by a friend’s house. My friend said I was glowing! I mentioned I had just finished a Sat Nam class. If there’s a class near you, I’d give it a try.


These are just a few alternative healing methods I have tried. This blog would be much longer if I shared all the methods I have tried in the past. Many times, people wait until they have tried everything else before they move to an alternative or holistic approach. Maybe after reading this blog, you’ll try some of these modalities first.


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