You Don’t Have to Suffer

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Being in the hypnosis field has changed the way I listen and hear conversations with family, friends, and clients. Over the past month, I have encountered individuals who have severe phobias around driving. It breaks my heart to hear people who have suffered through this fear in a country where driving is almost a must. In some countries, public transportation is very efficient and useful, but if you don’t live in Chicago or New York, it’s likely you will need to drive or be driven to places. Guess what?! You don’t have to suffer! It is possible to get rid of a phobia in as little as 10 minutes.

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Some clients believe that if you have a phobia for ten years, it will take 5-10 years to get over it but that’s not true. Change can happen in an instant. How many people do you know who quit smoking cold turkey? One gentleman said as soon as he held his granddaughter he realized he wanted to stay alive for her and stopped smoking that day. It didn’t matter how long he had smoked, it was a single choice.

Why do People Continue to Suffer?

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For some individuals, they don’t believe something as simple as hypnosis can help eliminate a phobia they have been carrying around for years. If something works too well, some people think it must be a trick, or it’s just not possible for it to work that good. Does something have to be brutal or challenging to work? Something that just popped into my head is when an inventor improves a product that has been around for decades, and you say “why didn’t I think of that?”. One simple change fast food restaurants have made is a change to their indoor trash cans. Many chains have moved from a trash can that had a flap on the side of the can to a hole in the top to dispose of waste. This simple shift allows you to put trash in the bin without touching a dirty door and uses gravity to let it go down to the bottom. At drink stations, it also allows for the trash to be more visible to patrons which means the area may stay cleaner. Eliminating a phobia can be as simple as a shift in your thinking.

Hypnosis helps you get over your “trash” in a slightly different way in simple ways.

Are You Ready to Get Rid of It?

Sometimes, we don’t want to get rid of a habit or phobia because there is a payoff. Have you ever heard of an individual who gets treated well when they are sick, so they keep getting sick? If the person gets healthy, they may fear that they will not get the same treatment, so they stay ill.

 If You Are Ready to Kick That Habit, Listen Up!

You don’t have to relive the trauma that may have caused the issue. If you were in a tragic car accident and now you have a phobia of driving, you don’t have to relive the accident to get past it. You don’t have to know why you have the fear to get better. Using hypnosis and neuroplasticity, you can neutralize the experience or feelings, and create a new more positive state.

The fear is not always what you think it is. I worked with an individual who came to me because he stated he had a fear of deep water. After doing some work, it was clear that it wasn’t a fear of deep water but a fear of not being supported. Speaking with his subconscious, we determined the real concern and worked with being supported by family and friends.  If he went to talk therapy, he could tell his story over and over again with no progress. Finding the hidden believe in the subconscious, solved the problem in one session.

What If You Aren’t Aware of a Triggering Event?

If you are not aware of a triggering event, it doesn’t mean there wasn't one. There are events in our lives that if our brains deem them as dangerous, our mind will take a snapshot and store it for future use to try to keep us safe. You may not consciously know that the brain has done. When I was in a training class, a woman who lived in New York and road the subway frequently, never had any problems. Then one day, she went to visit a tourist spot, and the tour guide said something related to drowning or claustrophobia. My classmate’s mind took a snapshot of this and from then on was scared of riding on subways with her child. She didn't realize the statement did something to her until hypnosis. After a 10 minute session of hypnosis, she was all better!

Can I Get Over a Fear on My Own?

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Yes, if you’d like. If you haven’t see the video, you can use the swan technique. You could also go within and have a conversation with your subconscious mind asking it if it is ready to release the fear, can find a better way to protect you, or if it could do the work for you. I compare doing self-hypnosis like working out at the gym without a trainer or coach. You can go to the gym and get a good workout, but if you work with a trainer, then you will likely be more challenged and see more significant results than if you work by yourself. 

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