There’s More Than Gambling in Las Vegas - Hypnothoughts Live 2017

Last month I attended an annual professional development conference for hypnotists in Las Vegas called Hypnothoughts Live. Hypnotists from around the world attend this three to seven day event. 

For many of you, hypnosis probably means a man standing on stage hypnotizing people from the audience to cluck like chickens, take their clothes off, or dance like no one’s watching but hypnosis is so much greater than that. Like many professions, there are specialties within the profession. Stage hypnosis is what most of you probably image when you think of hypnotist but there are clinical hypnotist or hypnotherapist. Clinical hypnotist and hypnotherapist utilize hypnosis to help people make changes in their lives including reducing stress and anxiety, pain management, overcome phobias, and other habits you’d wish to eliminate.

If you told me 10 years ago, I’d be a hypnotist, I would say you are crazy. But knowing what I know now about hypnosis, I am so glad I am a Clinical Hypnotist. During my training over the past few years, I learned hypnosis could help people with many things, but I didn’t know it could with so many things.

In classic hypnosis, it was used to help people get over phobias like going to the dentist. Which it can still do! But as more people do research and explore new uses for hypnosis, the benefits of hypnosis have grown exponentially. Below I will share with you some of the workshops I attended at Hypnothoughts Live.

 Do you have a broken heart? Would you like to have it mended?

During one of my workshops with Beryl Comar, I learned how you can use what is called the Fast Phobia Cure, to mend a broken heart. To see if this process really worked, I volunteered to go in front of the class so she could demonstrate the process on me and help me overcome a past relationship. It was amazing how in this short session, I was able to release feelings and see the relationship in a whole new light. Immediately after class, I worked with one of my classmates to help him overcome a broken heart using the method we just learned. In a short 20-minute session, he was able to release his old relationship and look forward to the type of relationship he truly desires. We checked on one another a few days later and we both couldn’t believe how helpful the Mend Your Heart process was.


One of the most attended and lively workshops was Hypnosex. During this workshop, Stin-Niels Musche from Germany discussed how he uses hypnosis for Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and Premature Ejaculations and it’s very simple. Stin-NielsMen taught us how to regress clients to the root cause of the issue to help move past it. Men, you don’t have to suffer from this any longer.

Everyday Trance by James Tripp

My mentor recommended I attended several classes given by James Tripp, so of course I did. James’s first class discussed everyday trance. For most people, you believe trance is something you go into every so often but according to James, we are in trance all the time. Right now the Tamara who is writing this blog is one trance, the Tamara who was hiking San Jacinto Mountain last week is another trance, and the Tamara who will be a Career Coach tomorrow is yet another trance. Hearing trance in this way really gives you a new perspective. It takes away the permanence or judgment you may have of yourself or others. That isn’t the person who was doing that, it was a specific trance of them. James is an intelligent person and boy is he a deep man!

 My Teacher and Mentor Melissa Tiers

I hadn’t planned to take Melissa’s classes but I couldn’t resist getting a refresher course from the hypnosis training she gave me originally. Melissa’s classes are so fun and hands on. Melissa teaches you techniques and then has you practice them on each other. During one of her two-hour classes, she taught us several rapid trance inductions. For those who aren’t familiar with hypnosis, there are several ways a hypnotist can guide you into a trance. Some inductions can take a few seconds while others can take several minutes. The great thing about knowing a variety of inductions is that every client is different and having multiple inductions, helps you tailor sessions to the client’s needs.

 Medical Hypnosis

One of the topics that made me most excited about the conference is medical hypnosis. I attended several sessions given by top medical hypnotist including Melissa Roth and Seth- Deborah Roth. These two ladies have been practicing medical hypnosis for years helping individuals with Anxiety, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), and individuals going through cancer treatment to name just a few. Each of these ladies is very different but skilled in their own unique ways. They passed their knowledge on to me and I am now using their wisdom to help my clients as a Certified Medical Hypnotist.

Please know that I only covered a few things that I learned from the conference I attended and there are so many more things hypnosis can do for you. You don’t have to suffer any longer!  If you are interested in scheduling a hypnosis session based on one of the topics I mentioned above or on some other issue you are facing, please visit Happiness Now

Tamara Small

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